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its pay to win its so hard to get legendary cards!!!!!!!

Fun but the wait is very annoying

Wait is too long

Another Great Game From Supercell.

I was playing the 2v2 and my ally left the match on the beginning. Through luck or skill I beat both of my opponents in a breakaway three crown. I get it if your ally or opponent loses connection to the server, but shouldnt they be penalized like Pinky145! Said. Or at least get no rewards from the battle?

Great game(Suggestion at end)

I saw the many thank yous vid and saw wow must be a great game. As said it was a great game or if u will a "Good game!" I do think cards should be more recently added as its about a couple months until Supercell makes a new card as people have great ideas and creative minds u should put up a website for clashers to suggest new cards and maybe give gems for those lucky players whos cards submit in to the game and also I lost my account when I switched phones I tried help and support YouTube and browsed the web still nothing so I just stick with my sucky one... -Regards Rocco Di Leo and in other words... AmazingRocco (My account)

Fantastic Game PLUS Amazing Customer Service

Ive been playing Clash Royale for months and still really enjoy it. I recently lost my entire account after upgrading to a new phone, but SuperCell customer support recovered it very quickly. Thanks for making a great game AND treating players extremely well!


This game is a good game but sometimes it is a really crappy game

This game is the worst now

THIS GAME. SUPERCELL make up your minds make a meet your match sort of thing to just random opponents all the time its SICK of you to not do that its unfair that some people are overpowered and your not is that not fun anymore if your game gets rage quits and no more downloads its not our faults its YOURS for not helping us find the right match making us suffer the stress to get to another araña or to get a legendary its just not fun anymore.... so please fix these holes in our hearts and make this game better in your sake and ours as well so lesson to others that dont like this game that want it to improve to make it a good game again so do all these things over again. To you and back to me, Joshua chavez


•Balance issues aside• This can be an addicting and rather fun game. 2v2 event was the best 30+ days of the game, well for me anyway. I just find the rage moments and bugs very irritable, at best. Things that I think would help this game flourish • Gem cost reduction for Challenges.(drop from 100 to 50) • Permanent 2v2 matches • Common and Epic card balance and hmm how about making the Royale Giant an EPIC instead of common card? • Lumberjack nerf. This one is controversial(for those that have already obtained the card anyhow) but I strongly believe that the lumberjack legendary card should have his power reduced. • Be more generous with legendary and just work on adding my legendary cards to the game for that matter. In 2 years of playing, I have only 4 legendary cards (graveyard, sparky, ice wiz, and electro wiz) and I just feel like with how much Ive played, I should have at least 2 more by now. These were just some of my thoughts and suggestions. ??

Great game

Love playing the game all they need is to bring in a trading system to go along with the donation aspect

Some people getting legendarys for nothing

I played a lot even bought gems and I cant get legendarys some kid I know has 7 legendarys for nothing do something about that. Some people play but dont get any and some dont do anything and get crap load of legendarys fix it or this game will die off soon


Very goood

Hope you dont like winning

Games is fun, but for how often you drop connection and lose its not worth it. Fix the issues where 1 out of 4 games loses connection. Wifi or 4g still drop a lot its a joke. Yeah

Promotes cyber bullying

Despite this games half hearted statement against bullying, the entire way this game is designed from the in game taunts to people being able to track you down and harass you enables, and encourages bullying and despicable behavior. Do not let your child download this app.

Very good

The Best

Clash Royale

Fun strategy game difficult to defend against your enemies once you get to the higher levels Only downside is that you can only get legendary cards from chests but even then its not a guarantee

Best game

No words just the best game

Love your games just one thing

I LOVE your games and really appreciate all your work to make them better.please make more games thank you!And also make a restart option.thanks!

Its rigged

The game just pairs you up with someone who has all the cards to beat you. Its really not fair when a lvl 6 gets matched up with a lvl 9

Would like to have more than 2 legendary cards

This game is the best not only is it strategic but entertaining. I have played this game for a while now and still only have 2 legendary cards, supercell send some legendary cards my way.

Match ups wrong

Over all youll like this game and learn but it gets you very mad lol Im on a 16 loss streak and they still put me up against level 11 or higher players then me + to make it a little fair when someone wifi is messing up maybe yall should pause the game till one re connects , over all its fun if you know how to play just stop matching up with people who are 10x better then you

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