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No legendarys

I never got a legendary chest or supernatural ever I played this game for 2 years now and never got a good chest I hope super cell reads this and maybe can help me ;(

Update MM.

Update match making please. The games unfair. Im in Hog Mountain and battling people with all cards 3 levels higher than my cards. (Commons Level 12, Rares Level 10, Epics level 7, Legndaries Level 4 or even 5 sometimes). They spend money on the game while Im just a kid and cant spend my money whenever I want. Make the Cancel button work, because its been sitting there for a year without any use. And have at least 5 seconds before a match starts, and a warning that you have bad connection when you enter a match, and please move it to the top so you wont have a big red wifi symbol in your face. And make legendaries more common I havent gotten one once from a chest won from battle since last year in November. I had to use money. All you want is for players to use money.

Pay to win

This game is complete Bull sh!t. Ever since they added legendary troops to the game people got an unfair advantage and can easily win. Been playing since it came out and have only gotten 2 legendary troops. If u spend money on this game u should just kill yourself plz

Tournament is unfair and rules are fake

I was playing the tournament and I kept on losing and I wondered why so I look at the help button on the tournament and it said King lvl.9 Common lvl.9 Rare lvl.7 Epic lvl 4 Legendary lvl.1 Overtime length 3min. and when I go in tournament my king is lvl 8 just like in my multiplayer and, all my card lvl are my multiplayer, so I was wondering why should I be playing if the game has false rules/advertising ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?*SUPERCELL MUST FIX ASAP*?

Great game

Love playing the game all they need is to bring in a trading system to go along with the donation aspect

Worst balance of players search I have ever seen

As above


Ive recently been playing the new challenge but this goes for any challenge. In the challenge section it says that anyone lvl 8 and over can play. But when say a lvl 10 fights a lvl 12 who is 3 leagues higher than him or her doesnt make it fair. I know the crown challenge is to show who the best players are but at least go from weakest to strongest and that will show a players true ability and allows players to collect rewards and know there own talent.

Please Read

Game itself is great, multiplier when they actually let you is great too! BUT the Crown Challenge and other challenges that pop up are a huge scam and weighted to ensure you lose. Regardless of what anyone says, the Challenges only take your Gems, you gain nothing in return but frustration. I am really close to deleting this APP all together if they dont make changes on the Challenges or give me my GEMS back!!!!

Great game.

Its a great game. I recommend it if u have lots of time on your hands.

Ehhhh. Needs to nerf many cards

Need to nerf the f@&*ing hog rider. The only thing keeping this game from good is that retarded card

This game is way too rage inducing

I liked playing the game before there were like a million trophy ranges. I liked the game before all of the dumb random decks the counter everything and no one can win. When the game had like 6 legendary and any deck could win the game was fun. Now I havent played a 1v1 game in like 4 months.

this game was fun

adjust match making. i swear ive tried every meta deck but every time i hit that battle button someones cards are higher level or a direct counter to my deck.

Why demoting?!?!

Okay so I work my BUTT off to get to arena 4 and I try a match I lose AND GO BACK TO BARBARIAN BOWL SO CAN YOU PLZ REMOVE DEMOTING?!?!?!? Edit:Im putting 3 stars because the game is fun I just dont like demoting.edit:(again)I dont want you to completely remove demotion I just want it so that once you get to that arena you can still get those cards once youve been demoted

Great game

Its great but the 4 stars are because it keeps asking me to rate this game

Its ok

If you like to waste your time on Rock Paper scissors style gameplay then this is for you.

Pay to win

Pay to win af ??


Super fun good graphics a little glitchy but makes up for it. Needs a new match making system.


This game used to be fun and it recently got ruined for me because of two reasons. People cheat in this game using the same card twice back to back no spells no mirrors. Also the way they dumb down the characters it unbalances the game and makes no sense. Logic is out the window with this game no wonder people cheat in order to get more and better cards. Im done with this game not coming back so I just want my money back and Ill be a happy camper again.

Amazing game

I really love this game. It provides a ton of fun and kills the boredom. It can be angering sometimes though but still an amazing game!

My Favorite Game!!

Ive played this game ever since it was released for American Apple IDs. I have all the legendaries in the game with some at level two with 1/4 out of getting to level three. I have earned most of them without paying money. All the people say that youll go on a losing streak and drop a bunch of trophies or that the matchmaking is rigged but in reality, you need to try a new deck or stop playing the game for a couple hours after you calm down and relax and shorty after youll end the losing streak. Honestly, I love this game. Ive never played a game and enjoyed it more than I have with this. Supercell, if your reading this, I absolutely love this game and hope it goes very far. Keep making improvements adding new cards and more. Thanks so much for this awesome game. Also, if anybody out there thinks Im lying and you have Clash Royale, my clan is Night Raid with a black background and a blue flame, Im one of the top players in out clan and my name is TumTum. Thank you for reading my review and opinion.

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